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An Alphabetical Accumulation

An ABC composed from printed and original calligraphy
Francesca Lohmann (Heavenly Monkey 2017)

The inspiration for this book was a manuscript copy Francesca created a few years ago: 26 rectos, starting with a majuscule A, each subsequent recto adding the next letter of the alphabet, all done in red ink on a thin, blue-tinged J. Whatman handmade paper. This new printed version takes the same format and approach, but was completely redrawn by Francesca.

The layout for each page changes to best present the letters included, and allow space for the next letter in the sequence to be added by hand. The book is entirely calligraphic – there is no type used. The reproductions of Francesca’s calligraphy were printed in black with polymer plates. The next letter in the accumulation is added to each page by Francesca, in red ink; thus, every copy contains the full alphabet in original calligraphy across its pages. Three different English papers are intermingled throughout the book – Crown & Sceptre, J. Whatman, and T.H. Saunders – all printed damp at HM on the Ostrander-Seymour handpress.

The book (28 printed rectos) measures approximately 4 by 6 inches, fitting comfortably in the hand for close examination of each page. The edition is uniformly bound by Claudia Cohen, in a non-adhesive structure designed to enhance the tactile experience of holding the book while leafing through its pages. The signatures are sewn into a parchment chemise, the whole then laced into a limp vellum case with gold tooling. The title is calligraphed by Francesca in red on the spine of each copy. Issued in a clamshell box.

The edition of 36 copies is numbered & signed by Francesca on the colophon, with a maximum of 30 copies being offered for purchase.

An Alphabetical Accumulation

An Alphabetical Accumulation

An Alphabetical Accumulation vellum binding