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Ars Anatomica

Ten miniature wood engravings
Shinsuke Minegishi (Heavenly Monkey 2004)

A miniature book featuring ten new wood engravings, each using part of the human body as a starting point for Shinsuke’s uniquely surreal mindscapes. With an introductory essay by him.

The engravings were printed by the artist on gampi, cropped and mounted on Rives BFK. Text hand-set in 8-pt Gill Sans and printed letterpress at HM.

The book (35 pp.) was printed in an edition of 50 press-numbered and five artist’s copies, all signed, issued in two states:

Numbers 1-10 and two A.P. are “largelarge paper” copies (3 x 4.5 inches), with the engravings colored by the artist and bound in purple limp vellum with a black paper slipcase.

The remaining copies (2.5 x 3 inches) were sewn on tapes and pasted into a paper case printed with an original color lithograph by the artist, in a paper sleeve.

Ars Anatomica