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Bookbinding, Paste Papers & Artist's Books

Claudia Cohen has been working with some of the top names in fine press and artists' books for over three decades, including Gehenna Press, Pennyroyal Press, Cheloniidae Press, the Museum of Modern Art, Grenfell Press, the Whitney Museum, and David R. Godine, to name just a few. It was at Baskin's Gehenna Press that she was introduced to the book arts, initially apprenticed to master printer Harold McGrath. That eventually (and circuitously) led her to binding and a five-year apprenticeship with Gray Parrot. She established her own bindery in Massachusetts in 1983, and moved it to Seattle in 2003.

In addition to her ongoing limited edition and design binding work, Claudia has indulged her passion for paper in recent years, issuing a series of books mining her own collections. This page offers images and descriptions of the books she has issued.

For information on binding commissions, or ordering custom-made paste papers, see here.

Fall 2010: the sheets for The WunderCabinet were delivered to Claudia in October, so she can start binding. While awaiting their arrival, she started making the boxes that will contain each copy and the accompanying items (a stack shown at right). During the summer she created An Edible Alphabet, a new addition to her series of books playing with page compositions, materials and binding structures.

Spring 2009: Claudia currently is working on completing the bindings for After Image, the second book in her color series with Barbara Hodgson. Her book COUNTING debuted at the recent Codex Book Fair, and sold out within a few weeks. She and Barbara are working on a project that will explore the history of the cabinet of curiousity (and create one as well!). They are also in the early stages of developing a project that will draw from a large collection of vintage Japanese printed fabric Claudia recently acquired. Later this spring she will be binding the ten Deluxe copies of musician Harold Budd's book Colorful Fortune, and copies of artist Charles van Sandwyk's Five Endemic Species of Psittaciformes, a limited-edition book of colored etchings printed in 1990 but never issued.

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