Letterpress & Binding Studio


Stamps, ornaments & calligraphic flourishes
Claudia Cohen (HM Editions 2009)

Similar in spirit and form to Claudia’s previous volumes Bookbinding Ephemera and Chasing Paper, Counting presents a series of spreads, each combining a 60-mm le Corbusier stencil for a number in the sequence one through 10; postage stamps corresponding to the number; and a tipped-on leather skiver hand-tooled in gilt. The title page and descriptive colophon will be printed on dampened green Guarro laid paper.

The book (5 x 7 inches, 12 openings) was issued in an edition of 20 signed and numbered copies. The title page and colophon were set in Bodoni and printed at Heavenly Monkey on dampened Guarro laid paper. Bound by Claudia Cohen: sheets sewn onto a paper chemise, and then put into a three-piece case covered in vintage European decorated paper, with a matching clamshell box. There also were 10 lettered copies, variously bound, for private distribution.