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Checklist #3: The first decade
(Heavenly Monkey 2010)

A bibliographic list of the 32 titles issued during HM’s first decade, with brief commentaries for each title. The Heavenly Monkey and HM Editions publications are listed in separate sections. For the sake of completeness, a third section details the three books issued under HM’s predecessor imprint, A Lone Press (1998-99). Included in a section at the back are tipped-in pages from six of the books: Francesco Griffo da Bologna (1999); The “Innsmouth Look” (2003); The Garden of Good & Evil (2004); A Letter from T.E. Lawrence (2005); The Girl with the Mask of a Crow (2005); and Iskandariya (2007).

The text was set in Dante and Dante Titling, printed in two colors on dampened Guarro laid paper. The checklist itself runs to 20 pages, followed by the samples. The book (8 x 12 inches, 40 pp with samples) was issued in an edition of 26 copies press-lettered (A – Z) with Jim Rimmer’s 36-pt Duensing type. They were uniformly bound in black Japanese cloth, with printed labels on the front board and spine, by Adele Shaak. (OP)

Heavenly Monkey First Decade