Letterpress & Binding Studio

Metal Types

& some papers
(Heavenly Monkey 2013)

A companion of sorts to 2012’s Types/Paper/Print, this book presents all of the metal types in HM’s collection.

Each recto presents one face (in some cases a few combined), sometimes to set a quote that relates to the face or its designer, while more uncommon faces have their complete alphabet displayed. Some of the faces included are American Uncial, Bradley, Garamond, Huxley Vertical, Morris Roman, Rubens, Shadow (two kinds), Meinhart’s Unciala and Monument, and Verona.

Each page was printed in at least two colors, and a mixture of nine different papers (printed damp, except for the ones that shouldn’t be) were used: Reg Lissel’s HM Text for the prelims; Barcham Green Bodleian and Tovil; Wookey Hole; Arches Velin; vintage Golden Hind; Van Gelder laid; kitakata; and Guarro laid.

Metal Type (7 x 10 inches, 42 pp.) was published in an edition of 35 numbered copies, issued in two states.

Copies 1–15 form a deluxe issue, and include two additional sections (16 pp). The first presents four uncommon foundry types (Anker Romanisch, Carolus, Gallia & Kabel) in display sizes, borrowed from the collections of several friends, each printed in two colors on Barcham Green handmade paper. The second extra section presents titling (i.e. large) fonts of eight faces already shown in the book, printed on Barcham Green & Roma papers. The deluxe copies were bound in full vellum with gilt embellishments by Claudia Cohen, presented in a cloth traycase.

Copies 16–35 were sewn & cased at HM in decorated paper over thin boards. The pattern for the paper was created by artist Dana Cromie, and printed at Black Stone Press on Guarro laid paper.

Metal Type & Some Papers

Metal Type & Some Papers