Heavenly Monkey

Letterpress & Binding Studio

Paper & Ink Trials
Barbara Hodgson (HM Editions 2014)

A miniature book chronicling the author's experiments with this Japanese form of paper marbling, in preparation for creating samples to be included in Decorating Paper. In the course of her experiments, she discovered that there were so many options with papers and inks, that it would be prudent to make the trial samples as small as possible. some 300 small sheets (2.5 x 3-inches) of gampi, mulberry, kozo, hosho, yatsuo, Guarro, Rives, and more have been marbled with Boku-Undo marbling dyes and Royal, sumi, Chunghwa and Kohinoor inks.

The brief text was printed on J. Whatman handmade papers (a mixture of laid and wove). It is followed by a series of samples on different kinds of gampi, alternating between pages of the Whatman paper from which a letter has been cut out, the whole spelling out S U M I N A G A S H I .

The edition is 12 copies signed by the author, bound in full leather by Claudia Cohen, in a box. (OP)