Heavenly Monkey

Letterpress & Binding Studio

Uncommon Paper
A Collection of Papers & Ornaments
(Heavenly Monkey 2013)

A miniature book assembled from off-cuts of the various hand- and mouldmade papers used in Paper Should Not Always be White. Each of the 12 papers included is presented as a folio, i.e. a four-page section, with its name printed on the first recto and a simple ornament or device printed on the second. The title page, two-page foreword, and colophon were all set by hand in Perpetua. Printing was done with HM's Pratt-Albion handpress - the first complete HM book printed on this press

The edition of 26 press-lettered copies was uniformly cased at HM. The boards were covered in Reg Lissel's paper custom dyed by Barbara Hodgson.

Uncommon Paper